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Improve quality of new hires


Reduce Demands on your own HR


Greater access to a wider range of potential candidates


Maintain performance and morale among remaining employees


Enhance your reputation in the marketplace

SolidHire provides Project Management Solutions to clients in the Public and Private Sectors, as well as to development agencies. Through our talent advisors and experts, we work with clients to develop talent strategies that are tied to their business objectives, source for talent who can do the job and build capacity through implementation of effective systems, tools, and processes.

The SolidHire Way: 4 + 3 = 10!

SolidHire uses a multi-stage process that delivers benefits that outweighs the investment. This new style of executive and leadership consultancy can provide you with all the professional advice, expert assistance and precisely-targeted human resource solutions you need to ensure that the people you hire today are the ones who will create your success tomorrow.

Talent Solutions Focused on your Bottom Line

We work with our clients to define and implement the talent solution they need to grow, through the provision of highly talented professionals, management toolkits, web-based services and software tools, systems design and implementation.

A SolidHire engagement allows you to hire the experts you need around the world, solve problems that impact business results and develop and retain a robust talent pool

Talent Strategy Consulting

While many companies still attempt to reposition existing employees by retraining and mentoring them for greater responsibility, SolidHire specializes in working with clients to develop and implement talent strategies that are anchored by their business goals and objectives.

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Integrated Talent Management Solutions

SolidHire provides precise, targeted solutions that will accelerate the growth of your organization, enhance your operational effectiveness, elevate your capacity for change and assist you with leadership development. We help clients address the full spectrum of their talent management needs, guide them through the process of aligning their workforce strategies to their organizational goals and develop plans for hiring, engaging, developing and rewarding superior performance.

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Workforce Capacity Development

Using a capacity-building approach and models, we assist clients in developing and implementing workforce development strategies. SolidHire assists its clients by analyzing and documenting workforce requirements as compared to present knowledge, skill level or interest in performing specific jobs. We offer comprehensive and customized capacity development services based on the capability and capacity needs of the organization, in meeting its business goals and objectives.

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Leadership Development

Even the brightest manager requires help to develop his or her management skills and abilities, and companies today seldom have time and resources to groom top talent effectively. Our services usually begin with an up-front assessment, which usually includes written questionnaires and personal interviews.

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Management and Team Coaching

SolidHire’s executive or business coaching focuses on helping individuals progress to where they want themselves and their company to be. It is particularly helpful in the development of company executives who are currently stuck and unable to move themselves or the organization forward, and who would benefit from an independent sounding board, but lack an objective third party they can turn to for advice.

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Talent Acquisition

We understand that our clients have different needs and require a flexible approach. We offer innovative and unique solutions specifically designed to meet your resource needs. Our talent network consists of highly talented professionals with experience in Africa and other developing countries, who have gone through pre-screening, background and reference checks to earn membership in our network

To ensure that we have the best talent in our network who have been certified and rated by previous clients. Our network of candidates and experts have gone through a rigorous certification process and have been awarded specific levels based on their proficiency in their area of expertise.

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How it Works

Registering as a Client with SolidHire is fast and straightforward, as everything is done here online:

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You will be able to post jobs and gain immediate access to our ever- growing database of quality candidates and as Guru™, as well as a wealth of resources you can use to train and develop your team.

If you have any questions about the registration process or about any SolidHire service, please contact us at

Registering as a Client with SolidHire is quick and straightforward, as everything is done online.

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SolidHire is a specialist talent management advisory firm focused exclusively on the Infrastructure sector in Africa. We connect and inform clients, candidates, and experts through news, business intelligence, and career opportunities so you can contribute to infrastructure development in Africa. We invite you to join us.

About us

SolidHire’s mission is to improve clients bottom-line results through the provision of talented project management talent, tools and advisory services.

Client Services

SolidHire provides Talent Management Solutions to clients in the Public and Private Sectors, as well as to development agencies.

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If you are looking for a new job opportunity and you have a proven track record of achievement, along with drive and energy to deliver results, we’d love to hear from you.

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